[Live Now] AI & Future of Video Panel

A Sequoia backed founder and a founder with over 375K customers join us to talk about AI and the future of video.

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LIVE NOW: AI & Future of Video Panel

Join us live right now to learn more about AI and the future of video of panel from two active operators.

​​We'll be joined by two guests who know something about it:

Chris Savage is co-founder & CEO of Wistia, an all-in-one video marketing platform for businesses. Wistia started as a video hosting platform for businesses. It's since gone end-to-end with tools for video recording, editing and publishing & distribution.

Wistia was founded in 2006 and it serves 375,000+ customers.

Hassaan Raza is co-founder & CEO of Tavus, a video platform for AI avatars / replicas. Tavus has a developer API product that enables developers to build AI replicas into their own apps. It also has a product for sales & marketing professionals to create personalized video.

Tavus is a YC and Sequoia-backed startup, which recently announced an $18M Series A led by Scale VP.

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