Don't Tread On AI

Rule makers clash over what to do about AI

To regulate or not to regulate AI? JK. It’s definitely getting regulated one way or the other. The real question here is who does it and whether or not they have any idea what’s going on. And then, if they do know what’s going on, are they somehow biased as to how the regulation works out for different groups. The US Government, The EU, China, Big Tech, Startups, Consumers, etc.

And THEN, once they do set the rules - biased or not - if they have any way of enforcing them without kneecapping private businesses or putting a narc version of Clippy on all our computers. Does everyone remember crypto regulation? Feels like we’ll get a similar story arc here.

Private Market News - AI Rules / Convoy Shutdown / Anduril Financing

Get Smarter Here - Sacra’s report on OpenAI is worth a read

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Lots going on in private markets. Here are some of the most relevant highlights:

“What’s missing is an independent, expert-led body empowered to objectively inform governments about the current state of AI capabilities and make evidence-based predictions about what’s coming. Policymakers are looking for impartial, technically reliable and timely assessments about its speed of progress and impact.”

“Trucking startup Convoy is shutting down and a majority of its executive team is stepping down, the company told employees Thursday, in a dramatic collapse of a business that raised nearly $1 billion from big name investors including T. Rowe Price, Fidelity and CapitalG.”

“[Anduril] is in talks to raise $400 million to $500 million in funding from investors in a deal that could take the form of a convertible note… slated to convert to equity at a $10 billion valuation in the future… Anduril is likely to use the cash infusion to fund more strategic acquisitions — like the purchase of autonomous aircraft developer Blue Force Technologies, announced last month — as well as for research and development efforts.”

Sacra is a private market research platform that’s worth checking out if you’re looking to get smarter on big names that are still private. They recently put out a new report on OpenAI that’s worth checking out. It includes:

  • Custom built revenue model with an explanation of their assumptions.

  • Overview of their product and business model.

  • Discussion of the competitive landscape.

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