[Live Now] How We Sold Clearbit To HubSpot

Tune in live right now to hear about Clearbit's journey from founding to exit from co-founder Matt Sornson

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We just went live!

Click here to tune in now: Live on Sandhill or check it out on Twitter here and LinkedIn here.

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LIVE NOW: How We Sold Clearbit To HubSpot

​​Join us live RIGHT NOW on Sandhill to learn all about the details of Clearbit's recent exit via acquisition by Hubspot!

We’ll be joined by ​Matt Sornson, previously CEO & Co-founder of Clearbit. Matt is currently GM & VP of Product at Clearbit by Hubspot. He is also an investor at Early Grey Capital, backing early stage founders making it easier to build things on the internet.

We’ll break the conversation up into three parts:

  1. Founding Story

  2. Transaction Drama

  3. Lessons Learned

Click here to tune in now: Live from 3pm to 4pm EST on Sandhill or check it out on Twitter here and Linkedin here.

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Missed the live session? Click the Twitter or LinkedIn links above to check out the recording.

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Join us live on Thursday, April 25 at 3 pm EST to learn more about the highs and lows of building self-serve software, from tech industry veteran, Russ Heddleston:

  • ​Co-founder and previously CEO of DocSend where he led the acquisition by Dropbox in 2021 for $165m (raised under $15m).

  • ​Previously he was co-founder of Pursuit, a social referral company that helped source referral candidates; sold to Meta in 2011, where he then ran Product Management for the Pages product.

  • ​Russ also led product and management roles at Microsoft, Trulia (acq by Zillow), and Greystripe (acq by EPSN.)

  • ​Previously, received an MBA from Harvard Business School, a master's in Computer Science from Stanford and a bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Stanford.

​This event is brought to in partnership with Sacra :)

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