[Live Now] Hyperscaling: The Employee Perspective

We're live from 3pm to 4pm EST - tune in to learn more about hyperscaling from people who did it

We just went live! Hyperscaling: The Employee Perspective

Click here to tune in now: Live on Sandhill or check it out on Twitter here and Linkedin here.

LIVE NOW: Hyperscaling - The Employee Perspective

​Join us live right now to learn more what it’s like to be a very early employee at a hyperscaling startup from people who have done it!

Excited to dive in here and to get a better understanding of the hypergrowth story from the employee perspective. We have all heard these stories from the founder perspective, but the employee side is under-discussed.

  • How do you know you’re hyperscaling?

  • How to think about your role?

  • How do you win?

  • How can you lose?

​We'll be joined by seasoned operators who have seen the dos and don’ts first hand:

  • ​David Peterson, fmr Head of Growth @ Airtable

  • ​John Collins, fmr Director of Content @ Intercom

  • ​​Mitali Gala, fmr Software Engineering Lead @ Nextdoor

​This event is brought to you in partnership with Sacra.

Click here to tune in now: Live from 3pm to 4pm EST on Sandhill or check it out on Twitter here and Linkedin here.

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