Marc Andreessen Is Poor

It's clickbait don't get mad. He's poor... compared to top tier private equity guys. Also hedge fund guys, but that's a separate issue.

Finally - 30 years into his career - Marc Andreessen looked around and realized the Private Equity guys have been making more money than him the whole time. “Bastards!” - Marc exclaimed, pacing the beach in front of his Malibu home. There was only one logical next step for the Tech Titan to take: Andreessen Horowitz will launch a Private Equity firm. Marc walked back inside feeling much better about the whole situation and committed to not look at the Forbes List again. More ugly net-worth comparisons and links to great Sandhill content below.

I get to make these jokes because they’re self-deprecating

The first headline that came out about this was “Exclusive: Andreessen Horowitz plans to launch a private equity fund, documents show” - but then someone actually read the “documents” being referred to and launched another headline of “Andreessen Horowitz isn't really expanding into private equity” and outlined what’s actually happening. It’s much less exciting, but you can read the article here. The internal fund that manages money for the GPs and some of their most successful Founders is expanding to offer PE to their internal clients. Not a headline.


The joke/meme holds. It’s easy to forget for those of us who live and breathe VC stuff that it’s a pretty niche industry. It’s growing and it definitely moves a lot of weight culturally given their involvement with building the new tools we all use, but when you look at VC AUM (~$1T) it’s about 1/4th the size of PE (~$4.5T) and then PE is about 1/20th the size of Publics ($100T). Technically you can argue that VC is actually just a subset of Private Equity (VCs buy equity in private companies…), but the point is the same. It’s niche. They’re both niche. To stereotype though - PE guys make a lot more money.

It’s also worth noting that VC is still in its infancy as an asset class and these types of comparisons remind me of that. I don’t think VCs from the last decade will look the same as the next decade. People like Marc Andreessen are constantly pushing the limits of what’s technically venture. The ugly thing to say is that his ambition is forcing AUM into a model that doesn’t want it. The opposite side of that strategy would be Union Square Ventures who just keeps raising the same amount each fund. The more optimistic thing to say would be that he’s pushing the asset class forward. Institutionalizing.

Overall, I think VCs (and the founders they serve) will benefit from a few more “suits” in the room. Seed will always be Seed (flip flops and founder bets). But, it will be interesting to watch the Series A+ crew continue to grow up.

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Michelle Valentine

  • Michelle is co-founder and CEO at Anrok, which helps SaaS companies solve sales tax compliance.

  • Anrok raised a $30M Series B earlier this year from Khosla Ventures.

  • Before Anrok, Michelle worked in product at Airtable and was an investor at Index Ventures.

  • Howard is CEO at Cyberhaven, which helps cybersecurity teams detect instances of data exposure in real time.

  • Cyberhaven just announced a $88M Series C led by Adams Street Partners and Khosla Ventures.

  • Before Cyberhaven, Howard was CMO at Redis Labs, Zscaler, and Nutanix.

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