No Honor Among Crypto

SBF trial keeps getting uglier

Crypto is down. Way down. Emotionally at least. Bitcoin still holding above $25k. Meanwhile, Coinbase posting their lowest spot-trading volume since the 2021 IPO.

It doesn’t help that headlines around the Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) case are laughably dismal. Fake accounting. Bribing Chinese officials. Everyone pointing the finger back at Sam. On the other side of the issue, your favorite finance writer - the same guy that brought us Moneyball, The Big Short, and Flash Boys - doesn’t seem to get it. Is Michael Lewis SBF’s last friend? I don’t know how to feel, but it’s not good…

No Honor Among Thieves - SBF trial keeps getting uglier.

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Is SBF going to jail or what? Feels like this is taking forever. That being said, definitely a fan of due process and it seems like things are trending in the right direction. Here are some recent headlines to check out:

Most recently the story has shifted with his inner-circle pointing the finger at him as the sole evil-genius behind the fraud. Similar to any other sentence that includes genius and SBF in the same breath - be weary.

In some ways they’re running the same playbook as they did when they were raising money. When asked hard questions just point at Sam and let his mysterious crazy professor look work its magic.

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