Nvidia CEO Signs Bra and Gamestop is Back

Nvidia has an 80% market share in AI chips for data centers. When is someone going to ring the bell?

I read somewhere today that 36% of Nvidia employees are worth over $20m. That would be cool, but some guy with a bandana named “DeepF***ingvalue” on reddit just made that much money in 2 hours after tweeting a link to a live stream.

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This isn’t a meme, this actually happened.

Nvidia passes Apple in market cap as second-most valuable public U.S. company

“Nvidia shares have risen more than 24% since the company reported first-quarter earnings in May and have been on a tear since last year. The company has an estimated 80% market share in AI chips for data centers, which are attracting billions of dollars in spending from big cloud vendors.”

Robinhood buying crytocurrency exchange Bitstamp for about $200 million

“Robinhood Markets Inc. is buying crytocurrency exchange Bitstamp for about $200 million in cash as the company looks to speed up its cryptocurrency expansion globally.”

E*Trade Considers Kicking Meme-Stock Leader Keith Gill Off Platform

“This week, Gill posted screenshots of an E*Trade account showing he owns GameStop shares now valued at $140 million and a new set of options that expire later this month. His total gains on the positions were at $85.5 million, he posted late Monday, showing his account remained in operation.”

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