[Live Now] Raising a Successful Pre-Seed Round in 2024

Julian Weisser and Andrew Rea join us to talk about their experience on both sides of the table.

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LIVE NOW: Raising a Successful Pre-Seed Round in 2024

Join us live right now to learn more about securing pre-seed funding in 2024.

​​We'll be joined by two guests who know something about it:

Julian Weisser is co-founder and CEO of On Deck, which helps founders meet and start companies together. Through On Deck, Julian has helped over 1,000 companies get started that have raised over $2B in funding.

Andrew Rea is co-founder and CEO of Taxwire, which solves sales tax compliance for SaaS, e-comm, and other companies that sell and operate across the US. Andrew raised a pre-seed for Taxwire in fall 2023. Before Taxwire, Andrew was Head of Growth at Capital (formerly Party Round). He was part of the early team at On Deck.

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