[Live Now] Sandhill x SeedChecks Demo Day

Tune in live right now to watch 4 exciting founders present what they're building!

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We just went live! Sandhill x SeedChecks Demo Day

Click here to tune in now: Live on Sandhill or check it out on Twitter here and Linkedin here.

LIVE NOW: Sandhill x SeedChecks Demo Day

Demo Day is back--and this time we're partnered with SeedChecks to make it even bigger!

​SeedChecks was built by our friend Julian Shapiro as a one stop shop for founders to get in front of some of the biggest names in venture. It’s an impressive group and we’re excited to bring our Live Demo Day format to their ecosystem.

​​Tune in right now to watch four exciting founders present what they're building to a panel of experienced investors and seasoned operators. Our amazing panelists today include:

  • ​Eric Jorgenson - an investor at Rolling Fun. He is also CEO at Scribe Media and author of The Almanack of Naval and Anthology of Balaji. 

  • Christian Keil - the Chief of Staff at Astranis, where he helped launch their first communications satellite and scale to $1B in sales. In his new show, First Principles, he asks deep tech founders dumb questions until he understands how their tech works from the ground up.

  • ​Turner Novak - an investor at Banana Capital. He also runs a massive meme account on Twitter, writes a newsletter, and hosts a podcast.

Click here to tune in now: Live from 3pm to 4pm EST on Sandhill or check it out on Twitter here and Linkedin here.

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THIS TUESDAY: How We Sold Clearbit To HubSpot

RSVP here and join us live on Tuesday, April 16 at 3pm EST to learn all about the details of Clearbit's recent exit via acquisition by Hubspot!

Matt Sornson, previously CEO & Co-founder of Clearbit, will take us through his journey from founding Clearbit nearly 8 years ago up to his recent selling of Clearbit at the end of 2023.

​Matt is currently GM & VP of Product at Clearbit by Hubspot. He is also an investor at Early Grey Capital, backing early stage founders making it easier to build things on the internet.

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