[Live Now] The Future of Interchange

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LIVE NOW: The Future of Interchange

Join us live right now to chat about the Future of Interchange with our guests, Nikil Kondoru, Head of Expansion at Lithic, and Matt Brown, Partner @ Matrix.

What’s “interchange” you ask? In the context of payment systems, interchange refers to the fee paid between banks for the acceptance of card-based transactions. This fee is typically paid by the merchant's bank (acquirer) to the cardholder's bank (issuer) and is a component of the costs associated with processing card payments.

A little bit about our guests…

Nikil Kondoru spent time as an investment analyst at two different private market firms before transitioning to Lithic as a Go-To-Market lead. He now leads expansion at the company and is an expert on this subject.

Matt Brown is a serial founder of multiple B2B software platforms and also spent time at Afterpay as the Head of Product. He now works as a partner at Matrix. Matt writes at mtb.xyz and even published a piece called “Interchange in 1000 words”.

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