YC Plans To Raise $2B... Sam Altman Yawns

Meanwhile, more info about how Microsoft outsmarted regulators and how Apple apparently didn’t.

It’s actually crazy that a $2B raise doesn’t seem that crazy anymore. I wonder how fast they will be able to fill it. Is there a Guinness World Record for fastest raise? Right next to the page about the guy with really long toe nails. Meanwhile, more info about how Microsoft outsmarted regulators and how Apple apparently didn’t.

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Briefing: Y Combinator Plots $2 Billion in New Funds

“Y Combinator is raising three new funds totaling at least $2 billion, according to a Forbes report. The new funds will cover the next four batches of YC's biannual startup accelerator.”

Microsoft pays Inflection $650M in licensing deal while poaching top talents, source says

“The high-profile AI startup's models will be available on Microsoft's Azure cloud service, the source said. Inflection is using the licensing fee to pay Greylock, Dragoneer and some other investors, the source added, saying the investors will get a return of 1.5 times what they invested.”

U.S. Sues Apple, Alleges Tech Giant Exploits Illegal Monopoly

“The case against Apple is the latest shoe to drop on the four tech giants that U.S. antitrust officials have been focused on. U.S. officials have also filed antimonopoly lawsuits against Amazon, Google and Meta Platforms.”

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Satya stays winning.

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Misc. (short for miscellaneous)

Microsoft Avoids Regulation - Vol. 2

Pretty big flex to have all the other big tech cos named in a lawsuit about monopolies at the same time that you’re basically eating an entirely new industry. What’s the argument against Microsoft being a monopoly/acting as a monopoly in this situation? They own the leader. They’re making big purchases that increases their mass in AI. Feels like this could end somewhere ugly. Or with Satya as our Galactic Emperor. Either one.

What I mean by Microsoft “owning” OpenAI ^

Are you surprised Microsoft is able to get away with their dominance of AI while other Big Tech cos get sued?

Share your thoughts in the comment section after you vote

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Talk soon,

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